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CleanWeb Protects your family!

CleanWeb™ Content Filter
- Take control!

We are different, we want to clean up the internet and as parents ourselves protect our children from the millions of inappropriate and just plain old nasty websites.

We also use a form of white listing to ensure that reputable sites are not blocked (i.e. sex education sites will not be blocked).

Always up to date

Any changes to the CleanWeb™ database are instantly applied and instantly available to the end user. No subscription to worry about, no time consuming downloads upon connection to the Internet, it's always there with the latest filter list ready to use. We use four proprietary applications to constantly scan the Internet for new sites for inclusion in the filter database. We also use a form of white listing to ensure that there are no false positives returned from reputable sites.

User focused

In the rare event that an inappropriate site has been excluded from the CleanWeb™ database, customers may submit sites for inclusion (or if necessary, deletion), allowing the rest of the CleanWeb™ community to benefit.

A Hassle Free solution

Because we remotely manage CleanWeb™, you never need to install or update any features. Our server driven system means that all devices are automatically protected as soon as they are connected to the internet. And because we do all the technical wizardry from our end, there's no chance of your precious ones using their sophisticated command of cyber knowledge to out-wit the system.

Internet Safety Tips

• Put your computer in a central location in your home where you can monitor what your child is doing.

• Regularly check the history of internet files viewed on your computer

• Always visit chat rooms yourself to ensure they are suitable before allowing your child to use them

• Do not leave your children at the computer while you are out.

• Protect your internet access with a password - which means your child cannot use the net without your permission.

• Tell your children about the dangers of the internet
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