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CleanWeb Protects your family!

CleanWeb™ Content Filter
- Take control!

With the advent of wireless technology, chances are the family laptop isn't the only internet hungry device running in your household. Mobile phones, iPods and other handheld gadgets all add to the technology that the whole family can use. All types of internet hungry equipment enable us to work, communicate and play online

A Hassle Free solution

With all of us leading full and busy lives, keeping our families safe from the dangers of the internet is best left to experts who can ensure that the 'whole family' browses in a secure and protected environment.

An unregulated connection could easily expose your family to disturbing images generated from the most innocent of search requests.

With CleanWeb™ we stealthily deploy a maintenance free service which eradicates all unsuitable material via our server, meaning that you can get on with your life without worrying what your son and daughter; or even husband or wife is viewing online...

If for any reason you wish to disable CleanWeb™ you can through the control panel, it will also re-enable it's self after 20 min if you forget to do so.

CleanWeb™ is not just for individuals, Schools or business can benefit from our content filter.

Time for Action

Perhaps it's time for you to take direct action by protecting you and your family from offensive and damaging images and content. Our web filter builds a wall of protection around your family offering peace of mind and security which individual software downloads simply cannot guarantee.

Of course everyone needs to be sure that their children are shielded from worst excesses of the internet. CleanWeb™ delivers this by filtering a staggering billion plus images, links and category based entities. But is your partner really just checking their emails?

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